Sandi Studio Photography
Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Sandi Studio Photography! To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, we have outlined our terms and conditions which must be read and accepted before booking your session. Key points include our booking and payment process, cancellation and rescheduling policies, refund guidelines, and the specifics of photo delivery and editing.

We offer flexible scheduling for Newborn Sessions and a variety of file formats for your photos, excluding RAW files. Our EXPRESS service provides quick delivery for an additional fee. Safety during sessions is a priority, especially for sessions involving children, who must be supervised by their parents.

We also provide information on consent for photo publication, liability and insurance, and our loyalty program. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, our force majeure clause ensures that sessions will be rescheduled promptly.

Please take a moment to review the full terms and conditions here before booking your session. Thank you for choosing Sandi Studio Photography!

Studio Address:
Unit A 1 Crown Gate, DT1 3EJ Poundbury

  1. Booking and Payment:
    • A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required for the photo session.
    • Payment for the session can be made in cash or via online transfer before or on the day of the photo session.
    • Accepted payments for photo sessions and printed products: PayPal, transfer, cash.
    • By purchasing a session, you accept the terms and conditions.
    • The return of a voucher for a photo session is available 14 days from the date of purchase.
  2. Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy:
    • Sessions can be canceled up to 7 days before the scheduled date without incurring additional fees. Rescheduling must also be requested at least 7 days before the session.
    • For Newborn Sessions, dates are set flexibly to adjust individually to the baby’s due date.
  3. Refund Policy:
    • The booking fee is non-refundable.
    • The full session fee is refundable if requested before the cancellation period (7 days), minus the booking fee (£50).
  4. Photo Delivery:
    • Online photos will be ready within 30 working days from the selection of photos from the online gallery.
    • Printed photos and printed products – the deadline will be agreed individually.
    • Additional shots from the photo session can be purchased in the online gallery. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive the digital photos within 30 days.
    • Within 48 hours of the photo session, the client will receive the photos to choose from via the online gallery. Photos must be selected within 7 days of receipt. Otherwise, the retouching and delivery time will be significantly extended.
  5. Photo Editing and Usage Rights:
    • Photo editing takes place after the session is paid for.
    • Digital photo editing includes only retouching and color correction without graphic intervention. If you are interested in graphic services, inform us – pricing will be individual.
    • Different file formats are available for an additional fee, excluding RAW photos.
    • The photographer offers additional photographs for £20 each. There is no possibility to purchase unedited photos.
    • Clients cannot alter the photos provided by the photographer (own editing, cropping, applying filters, etc.). Only fully edited images (in JPG format) will be presented to the client as the final product. Clients must understand that all images provided are protected by copyright, and it is illegal to modify images in any way. Only Sandi Studio Photography is liable for this procedure.
    • The client is granted personal usage rights for the photos, including the ability to print and share them on personal social media platforms. Commercial use of the photos by the client is not permitted without explicit written consent from Sandi Studio Photography. The studio retains copyright and may use the images for its promotional purposes unless the client explicitly withdraws consent.
  6. Express Service:
    • The EXPRESS service, where the client receives edited photos within 3-7 days, involves an additional fee starting from £200 and will be individually assessed when requested.
  7. Client Responsibility:
    • The client accepts the photographer’s style. The client is obliged to familiarize themselves with the photographer’s portfolio, editing style, and work. The client cannot expect the photographer to create work that is inconsistent with their sense of aesthetics and characteristic style, including color, contrast, and framing. Therefore, there is no possibility of returning the shots based on the above aspects, nor is there the possibility of exchanging shots for others, unless the photographer decides otherwise.
    • If you want to bring your own clothes to the session, they must be prepared in advance – clean and ironed.
    • Please arrive on time for the photo session. Being more than 20 minutes late for a session, or 10 minutes for a mini session, without prior notice, is equivalent to its cancellation and the forfeiture of the non-refundable deposit. Always inform the photographer of any changes to avoid such situations. In case of illness, participants are required to inform and agree on further cooperation.
    • Safety rules during the session – children are under the supervision of parents and guardians. Parents must take full responsibility for their behavior and supervise them in the studio during the session or while waiting.
    • No photos can be taken during the photo session.
  8. Product Collection:
    • Printed products must be collected within 60 days from the session viewing unless agreed otherwise. If a client fails to collect the product within this time, it will be destroyed without any possibility of reprint. New orders will have to be placed according to current charges.
  9. Consent for Publication:
    • Before the session, the client declares consent or refusal for the publication of photos online.
    • Each client can decide whether to allow the photographer to publish their image on:
    • Consent is extremely important for the photographer as it is the only way to promote their work. The client can withdraw their consent at any time. The client provides consent by signing a form or clear email/SMS information/program Zalamo.
  10. Liability and Insurance:
    • Sandi Studio Photography holds liability and insurance coverage in case of any damages or accidents during the photo session. However, parents attending sessions with their children must take full responsibility for their behavior and supervise them in the studio during the session or while waiting.
  11. Loyalty Program:
    • 10% off each session for recommendations, discounts can be combined.
  12. Force Majeure:
    • In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, pandemics, or other events beyond our control that affect the scheduling or completion of the photo session, Sandi Studio Photography will reschedule the session at the earliest possible convenience. No refunds will be issued for delays caused by force majeure. Clients will be informed promptly of any changes.
  13. Acceptance of Terms:
    • Participants have read the terms and conditions, and their participation is equivalent to acceptance.
    • Personal data protection.