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What’s your style

My style is what you see all over my website! Emotional photos that are richly edited with a storytelling feel. My approach is very fly-on-the-wall (you can’t force emotion, but you can be super observant and know how to capture it!).

Can we give you a shot list?

For inspiration only please! Any Pinterest or inspo photos, toss them. Trust me. You want photos from YOUR day, not copies of someone elses!

When should you make an appointment for photo sessions?

You must make an appointment for any session, min. 2 weeks in advance. When it comes to newborn sessions, please book 5 weeks in advance – If the child is born earlier or something else happened, then please contact me by email, and we will definitely find a solution together.

When to book a Newborn session?

2-3 months before the scheduled date, preferably early – Min 1 month. Confirm the session within 3 days after delivery.

When is the Best Time for Newborn Sessions?

The best time is between the 5th and 21st days of newborn life, when the baby is asleep the most, is less alert and has no colic yet. Of course, there are different rules for premature babies, then the date is set individually.

Are both parents needed for a newborn session?

I will put it this way: if you want to take photos together, then definitely, if not, one parent is enough. During the twins session, it would be good if both parents or someone close to the family took part.

How long is a Newborn session?

Usually it takes about 3 hours but each child is different, so it can be done in 2 hours and it can take up to 4 hours. Of course, during the session hours there is time for feeding, changing and putting to sleep. Everything happens calmly, without any pressure to make the baby feel comfortable and safe. I think that on the day of the session it is worth to reserve a few extra hours in your duties.

When to book a Pregnancy session?

Preferably 2 months before the session. Remember to perform sessions between 28-34 weeks of pregnancy

Do I need to have a hairstyle and makeup ready for photo sessions?

Yes, if you like makeup, you should do them before the session, this also applies to your hairstyles. You can start the sessions with tied hair and then, we can adjust the hair to styling during the session. When it comes to makeup, if you do not feel well in full makeup, I only ask you to matt your face so that it does not shine during photos.

How do payments work?

A 50% non-refundable retainer and contract is due to officially reserve your date (this saves your date just for you and nobody else!). Your remaining balance is due 30 days before the session.

What will get us the best photos?

Going with the flow, being in the moment and enjoying yourself and not over planning your photos – truly. I’ve seen it all and these types of days ALWAYS end up with the best photos and the least amount of stress! I’ll help you with this – so don’t worry!

How do we book?

Scroll down to the bottom of any page and fill out a contact form! After that, all I need is a signed contract and a 50% retainer.

Will we get sneak peeks?

Yes, I try to send sneak peaks within 72 hrs

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